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thoughts ii

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  1. SELF-MADE Sleeky Junior/iMght 2:58
  2. POWER Sleeky Junior/Psychatic 2:38
  3. SACRIFICES Sleeky Junior/Otabella 3:01
  4. GREENER PASTURES Sleeky Junior/iMght/Otabella 3:54
  5. JERK (Remake) Sleeky Junior/iMght/Otabella 4:39
  6. SUPPOSE Sleeky Junior/Hsteria 2:37
  7. SUNSHINE Sleeky Junior/L-Moose 2:22
  8. FEAR Sleeky Junior/Hsteria/$ly 3:48
  9. THOUGHTS Sleeky Junior 2:02

Among the various next level talents to emerge from Makhado (Louis Trichardt) in Limpopo, South Africa,
Sleeky Junior rises to the occasion with every project, including Thoughts Vol 2, a follow-up or extension of
the three track EP, Thoughts Vol 1.

Flooded with the same multi-faceted sounds that are seemingly influenced by darkness and contemporary hard-knock kicks that have been a staple
since his debut in 2017, this new project welcomes listeners of all ages to witness this rapperís thoughts.
As heads nod and sub-woofers boom, he speaks with wit on joints like ìPOWERî and ìSACRIFICESî. His Spit Bars friends iMght,
Otabella, Psychatic, Hsteria and $ly join in the energy but never lessen it.

Thoughts 2 is Sleeky Juniorís 6th project under the Spit Bars Music imprint.