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Order in Chaos

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  1. Evil Morty Intro Sleeky Junior & iMght 0:39
  2. Lose Yourself to The City (Feat. MLG) Sleeky Junior & iMght/M.L.G 3:03
  3. Fakesfails (Feat. Xaw) Sleeky Junior & iMght 3:24
  4. Game Stinks Sleeky Junior & iMght 2:17
  5. Like that Sleeky Junior & iMght 3:15
  6. Koala (Feat. Hsteria) Sleeky Junior & iMght/Hsteria 2:48
  7. Northside (Feat. Xaw) Sleeky Junior & iMght/Xaw 3:17
  8. Hey Sleeky Junior & iMght 3:12
  9. Rest (Feat. $ly) Sleeky Junior & iMght/$ly 2:27
  10. 10 Safe (Feat Shalom, $ly) Sleeky Junior & iMght/Shalom/$ly 5:08

Having linked up from as early as iMght’s “Walk With Me ” days, and from Sleeky Junior’s DSI 1 days,
iMght and Sleeky Junior decided to take their collaboration to a whole new level with a full body of work.
The project moves from a deep introspective feeling on “Fakefails” and progresses to a whole new sound as it plays
as they tell us things like why they think the Game stinks.

With production from iMght and From95, Order In Chaos features appearances from Hsteria, Sly, Shalom, MLG and Xaw…