1. Intro_Morning Joint Hysteria 3:45
  2. Before The Party Hysteria 4:40
  3. Party Hysteria 2:43
  4. After The Party Hysteria 1:46
  5. Alliviate Ft EZ & Sleeky Junior Hysteria 3:51
  6. Outro_Hoping Ft AdroitBeatz Hysteria 2:11

This is Hysteria’s first all-round project, with him being the executive producer and rapping like no one has seen him do. The project features Sleeky Junior, E.z and AdroitBeatz and comprises of 6 songs.

The EP was created as a way to vent. There are a lot of things that have been going on, in and around Hysteria, he felt that this was the best way to communicate it to the world. It is no wonder he ends it off with therapeutic bars on Alliviate and the Outro.

Download and stream Hysteria’s project here.

The SiN Project – EP