1. Haunted Asylum OuterPlan 2:03
  2. Saints Asylum OuterPlan feat. Tish 1:20
  3. Invite Only OuterPlan 0:58
  4. Strangers OuterPlan 2:28
  5. Help Me Breathe OuterPlan 2:58
  6. Imaginary Friends OuterPlan 3:00
  7. Visiting Hours OuterPlan feat. Bonnie 2:53
  8. Majesty OuterPlan Feat. Sleeky Junior 3:04
  9. Burdens OuterPlan feat. Bonnie 1:23

Saint’s Asylum is OuterPlan’s first full length Hip Hop project. It is an introduction to OuterPlan’s dark side manifested in his alter ego Saint. Saint carries all of OuterPlan’s pain and dark thoughts, as if he is the personification of “Pandora’s box”. Through storytelling, the self-proclaimed raconteur, Saint, seeks redemption and salvation. Continously asking if the Church caters for souls like his or if he is the black sheep in the body of Christ.

Welcome to the Asylum. Try not to get lost in the labyrinth that is OuterPlan’s mind and always remember, under no circumstances should you look Medusa in the eye.



OuterPlan – Saint’s Asylum EP