Born : Enemune Given Mainganye

           4 April 2001

           Thohoyandou, Limpopo

           South Africa


Genre: Hip Hop, Trap, Alternative Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, Pop & Emo

Years Active: 2016- Present

Instruments: Guitar, FL Studio DAW



Ma.iige (pronounced "may-gee" ) is a South African rapper, record pruducer and singer. He has produced and written  almost all of his work. He is often characterised by his stunning versatility and ability to switch from dark, emotionally crushing music -which is is dominant style- to the typical but very well executed Hip hop and Trap.


Music Career:

Ma.iige started rapping in 2016 with influence of his cousins. After some months, he began coming up  music ideas that many producers could just not satisfy and so he started producing his own music. In late 2016 he joined Spit Bars Music. Ma.iige's production style is often a dark or pop-ish melodic tune with short but powerful rap verses. He released his first song under Spit Bars Music "The Light" in mid 2017 which became a benchmark for his music. Ma.iige's goal is to make people experience whatever emotion he puts onto his music, he wants listeners to be completely present and hopes to help them out of reality and into his mind with his music.

On 20 July 2019 Ma.iige released his first official mixtape - Better Off Dead- after canceling to release two different ones prior to this one. He specifically chose the date as it had been the second year anniversary of the death of one of his favorite artists, Chester Bennington, who suffered severally from depression. Ma.iige used this mixtape to emphasise a drop of the vast ocean of negative thoughts and actions associated with such an illness.

Ma.iige continues to experient with new sounds and hopes to produce better, fresher music.